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Limo - De leukste dag van de week - Ineke van Lier

Learn Dutch with Limo!

Limo - The nicest day of the week 

Limo loves cookies. And playing hide and seek. Every day Limo does something fun, with a friend, with Jasmijn or with Momo, his owner. He goes to the hairdresser and helps with the laundry. But which day does he like the most? Monday? Or Thursday? Read along!

This simple book about the sweet dog Limo is especially designed for children who are learning Dutch, but is also great to read aloud at home.

Contains a glossary Dutch-English. Glossaries in other languages can be downloaded or requested at www.arcospublishers.com.

About Limo

Limo was an Australian Labradoodle that was trained as a Reading Dog. He used to visit schools with his human, where he listened to children who read out loud to him.

Children who struggle with reading often feel tense when they have to read in the presence of an adult. But reading out loud to a Reading Dog like Limo is a completely different story! When a child is reading to the dog, there are no parents or teachers present. Only the dog’s handler is there, but she stays in the background. The dog just listens and does not comment. Its presence has a calming effect on the child and when it gives a paw or licks the child’s hand, this feels like a reward. The child builds up self confidence in reading and reading itself becomes a pleasant activity.

Limo always greatly enjoyed the presence and attention of the children and he loved visiting schools with his handler.

Limo has his own page on Facebook! It is called: Lezen met Limo (‘Reading with Limo’ - He was a Dutch dog, after all.)


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