A1 | De fles op het strand - Robertha Huitema

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De fles op het strand - Robertha Huitema

Bob is a young man. He lives alone and has long walks with Faust. Faust is his dog. One day, Bob finds a bottle at the beach. There is a letter in the bottle. A letter from a woman. Will you look for me? she writes. Bob starts looking for the woman. He travels from one Waddeneiland to another. He meets new people and finds a new job. But will he find the woman?


  • 300 unique words; total word count: 5000
  • 37 pages of text
  • written in present tense
  • setting: Friesland and the islands in the North of the Netherlands

Information for teachers

This is an ideal easy reader for adults who have only just started to learn Dutch. The underlying idea of the story is about overcoming shyness and about finding your way into the world. The story gives insight in some Dutch daily and social habits and into travelling by Dutch public transports. 

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