A2 | Geen feest voor meneer Vermeer? - Deel 5 - Bij ons in de Molenstraat - Ghislaine Frison-

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The Baks family is organizing a neighborhood party for all Molenstraat residents. All residents? No, Mr. Vermeer probably doesn't want to come. He doesn't like parties and he's always grumbling. And nobody likes him. But then something happens that changes everything. And not only for Mr. Vermeer ...

This is the fifth Nt2 reading book in the series "Bij ons in de Molenstraat". Each part of this series has a different resident of the street as the main character.

Level A2

Age: from 10 years, young adults and adults

Information for Nt2 teachers

Geen feest voor meneer Vermeer? is a nice reading book for adults, children and adolescents who are just learning Dutch. An important theme in this story is: understanding others, even if you don't like them. The story is light and cheerful, while offering starting points for conversations about helpfulness, loneliness, relatedness. The number of different words is limited and each word appears at least 4 times in the booklet, allowing the language learner to learn to recognize them faster.

The booklet includes a Dutch-English glossary. 

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