A1 | En boca cerrada no entran moscas - Adriana Ramirez

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En boca cerrada no entran moscas - Adriana Ramirez

What is the story about?

There is a new fly in the garden. The house fly sees it and feels something in its heart. The house fly is paralyzed. She doesn't know what to say and she doesn't know what to do. The house fly knows that, if you don't know what to say, it's better not to talk because NO FLIES ENTER INTO MOUTHS THAT ARE CLOSED. But... how is she going to express her feelings?

With only 113 word families and 28 cognates, EN BOCA CERRADA NO ENTRAN MOSCAS is an easy-to-read book in Spanish.

Are you learning Spanish? You can read this book on your own!! Reading is an amazing way to acquire a new language. Learn Spanish through reading!

What does this book give you?

✓ Helps you expand your vocabulary in Spanish.

✓ Controlled language at your level from the most frequent words to help you progress confidently.

✓ Provides you with lots of exposure to the most common verbs in Spanish in present tense.

✓ Rewarding long story for beginners written with only 113 word families and 28 cognates.

✓ A complete bilingual word list of all the words used in the story provided at the end of the book.

✓ Beautiful illustrations that enhance comprehension.


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The POR SI LAS MOSCAS collection are easy-to-read books written for Spanish students. Each story is inspired by a typical saying or expression from our homelands, allowing us to discover the richness of the language through interesting stories, where the main character is a fly.

Hay una mosca nueva en el jardín. La mosca de la casa la ve y siente algo en su corazón. La mosca de la casa está paralizada. Ella no sabe qué decir y no sabe qué hacer. La mosca de la casa sabe que, si no sabes qué decir, es mejor no hablar porque EN BOCA CERRADA NO ENTRAN MOSCAS. Pero… ¿cómo va a expresar sus sentimientos?

Con solo 113 familias de palabras y 28 cognados, EN BOCA CERRADA NO ENTRAN MOSCAS es un libro fácil de leer en español.

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