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Cara de mosquita muerta - Adriana Ramirez

With only 132 word families and 28 cognates, CARA DE MOSQUITA MUERTA is an easy-to-read book in Spanish, written for level 1 students.

The fly hears the expression TIENE CARA DE MOSQUITA MUERTA. She opens her eyes and thinks, "What is it to have a dead mosquito face? Who has a dead mosquito face? Who is the dead mosquito? Am I the dead mosquito?" After practicing different faces, the fly finds a perfect dead mosquito face. But does the fly understand what it means to have a dead fly face?

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Learn Spanish by reading with Cara de mosquita muerta

What does this book give you?

✓ Helps you expand your vocabulary in Spanish.

✓ Controlled language at your level from the most frequent words to help you progress confidently.

✓ Provides you with lots of exposure to the most common verbs in Spanish in present tense: be, have, want, can, need, look, see, say, speak, listen, think, know, go, fly, arrive, pick up, and move.

✓ Rewarding long story for beginners written with only 132-word families and 28 cognates.

✓ A complete bilingual word list of all the words used in the story provided at the end of the book.


Con sólo 132 familias de palabras y 28 cognados, CARA DE MOSQUITA MUERTA es un libro fácil de leer en español, escrito para estudiantes de nivel 1.

La mosca escucha la expresión TIENE CARA DE MOSQUITA MUERTA. Ella abre sus ojos y piensa: “¿Qué es tener cara de mosquita muerta? ¿Quién tiene cara de mosquita muerta? ¿Quién es la mosquita muerta? ¿Soy yo la mosquita muerta?” Después de practicar diferentes caras, la mosca encuentra una cara perfecta de mosquita muerta. Pero ¿entiende la mosca lo que significa tener cara de mosquita muerta?

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