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Soy yo, la mosca - Adriana Ramirez

La mosca lives with a family. She wants to talk to the dog, the cat, the man and the woman but they don’t want to talk to her. They ignore her! But she insists. She insists because her family is very special for her. What does she do to talk to her family? What does she do to have friends?

This beginner story has approximately 3500 words. With only 104-word families and 24 cognates, ‘SOY YO, LA MOSCA’ is a fun and easy book to read, perfect for first year Spanish students.

Reading is an amazing way to study the language. Learn Spanish the easy way! Learn Spanish by reading with Soy yo, la mosca. 

What does this book give you?

✓ Helps you expand your vocabulary in Spanish.

✓ Controlled language at your level from the most frequent words to help you progress confidently.

✓ Provides you with lots of exposure to the most common verbs in Spanish in present tense: be, have, want, can, need, look, see, say, speak, listen, think, know, go, fly, arrive, pick up, and move.


La mosca vive con una familia. Ella quiere hablar con el perro, el gato, el hombre y la mujer, pero ellos no quieren hablar con ella. Ellos la ignoran. Pero la mosca insiste. Ella insiste porque para ella su familia es muy especial. ¿Qué hace la mosca para hablar con su familia?

Esta historia, escrita para principiantes, tiene aproximadamente 3500 palabras. Con apenas 104 familias de palabras diferentes al inglés y 24 cognados, ‘SOY YO, LA MOSCA’, es un libro divertido y fácil de leer, perfecto para los estudiantes de español que están en su primer año.



✓ Rewarding long story --approximately 3500 words-- for beginners written with only 104-word families and 24 cognates.

✓ A complete bilingual word list of all the words used in the story provided at the end of the book.


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