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Too young to be allowed to stay up late to listen to the neighborhood bands play, at 6 years old he hid under the chairs of the bachata musicians and listened all night long. Joan says that music ran in his blood and his heart beat to the rhythm of bachata. A self-taught bachata musician with dozens of albums, he has recorded with some of the most renowned Dominican musicians and has traveled the world performing with his band. This is the story of the tenacity of a boy who knew that all he wanted to be was a musician.

Yo sé cómo hacerlo, La historia de Joan Soriano, el músico que toca bachata is a novel for intermediate students of Spanish in the Fluency Fast series of readers. It uses a vocabulary of about 800 words, including 70 cognates and many previously known high-frequency words to tell a 9000-word story with past, present, immediate future, conditional and subjunctive. The vocabulary is high-frequency and includes the 24 highest-frequency verbs in Spanish as well as vocabulary commonly used by Joan Soriano and his family in the Dominican Republic.

Joan Soriano is a bachata musician in the Dominican Republic. He grew up in La Luisa, a small rural community with 14 siblings and parents who planted yuca.   

This book is a collaboration between Karen Rowan and Joan Soriano after four years of interviews.

isbn 9781956170009

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