A2 - Alma de Lobo - Verónica Moscoso

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ALMA DE LOBO - Verónica Moscoso

The extraordinary true story of Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja, the only documented case of a feral child in Spain. 

SUMMARY:  Marcos was only seven-years-old when he was left in a remote valley in Sierra Morena, Spain. He had to help an old sick shepherd take care of a herd of goats. But soon the shepherd disappeared and Marcos was left alone. He barely knew how to survive until a pack of wolves adopted him. When Marcos was 19, the Spanish National Guard captured him. He had turned into a wild creature. Marcos started a process of adapting to human society but wasn’t easy. 

This fascinating story is told in the past tense. It is an easy reader for intermediate and upper intermediate students. Ideal for level two Spanish learners.

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