N E W ! Beginners/A1 | Schokolade - Theresa Marrama

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Schokolade - Theresa Marrama

School... It's the one thing Rami truly hates. Why? Because it's difficult for him and some of the boys are mean. Things get even worse when he is paired up with Lukas, the meanest boy in his class, to prepare and present a research project. On the bright side, he is assigned to research chocolate, something which sparks his interest! Who doesn't love chocolate!? Surprisingly, through his research on Swiss chocolate, Ramis learns that chocolate and people have a lot in common. Will his newfound knowledge be enough to teach a valuable lesson to the meanest kid in class ?

Level 1 

Approximately 2,200 total words
Approximately 220 unique words

Written in present tense

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