A2/B1 | Où est passé Martin? - Blaine Ray

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Où est passé Martin? - Lisa Ray Turner and Blaine Ray

Present/Past Tense - Level 3

Summer vacation is beginning for 17-year-old Catherine Banks and she is looking forward to spending a lot of time with her friends. However- her mother has promised a friend that Catherine will accompany the friend's 7-year-old son Martin to the Caribbean nation of Guadeloupe to visit his grandparents. Despite her extreme misgivings- Catherine gives in and decides to go. As soon as Catherine and Martin get seated on the plane- the problems start. When they arrive in Guadeloupe- one crisis follows another. The novel contains a lot of interesting cultural material and is excellent for middle of the second year of high school French students (or later).

ISBN 978-1-60372-243-8


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