N E W past & present | A1/A2 | Noches misteriosas en Granada - Kristy Placido

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Noches misteriosas en Granada - Kristy Placido - illustrations Black & White
Written in present & past tense

Kevin used to have the perfect life. Now, dumped by his popular girlfriend, Kevin leaves for a summer in Spain with his best friend, and his life seems anything but perfect. Taking classes he can't understand, living with a very odd host-family, trying to get the attention of a girl with whom he has no chance, and dealing with a guy who has a dark side and who seems to be out to get him, Kevin escapes into a book and enters a world of long-ago adventures. As the boundaries between his two worlds begin to blur, Kevin discovers that nothing is as it appears...especially at night!

Total word count: 8500
Unique word count: 295
Page count: 66 past & 66 present



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