Fluency through TPR Storytelling - achieving real language acquisition in school - 7th edition

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Fluency Through TPR Storytelling: 
Achieving Real Language Acquisition in School
Expanded 7th Edition (April, 2015) 

by Blaine Ray and Contee Seely

The definitive treatment of TPR Storytelling (TPRS) by the originator and by a longtime TPR and TPRS teacher/author. From day one students understand everything they hear and read in their new language and are answering numerous questions about stories. In the first weeks students acquire a basic comprehension vocabulary and the most essential structures. In two or three months they are able to express themselves with fluency appropriate to their level. Teachers love what their students can do. Students do too. Shows how to keep students acquiring with fascination at every level. This edition contains numerous innovations, such as:

  • Using Yourself as a Parallel Character
  • The "Events" Technique
  • Not Starting with TPR
  • MovieTalk
  • Using Embedded Readings Based on TPRS Stories
  • Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) & Sustained Silent Reading (SSR)
  • Teaching to Read Different Writing Systems
  • Deep Personalization
  • Collaborative Classroom Management
  • TPRS and CI in Elementary School
  • Revised TPRS Materials and Resources
  • Revised & Expanded Research on TPR Storytelling
  • Multi-Level Classrooms and Social Diversity
  • Transitioning a Department Towards CI/TPRS
  • Convincing Administrators and Parents

Language acquisition expert Stephen Krashen says about TPRS:  “TPR Storytelling is much better than anything else out there.”


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