N I E U W | ERK A2/B1 - 48 horas - Carrie Toth

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48 horas – Comprehension-based™ Reader - by Carrie Toth

Unique Word Count: Novice – 170;  Intermediate – 270

2 versions under one cover: Novice & Intermediate / 

Cultural Suspense

Written in Past Tense

Inspired by true events, this story captures both the beauty and the dangers of the Galapagos Islands. Sonia Campos is a college student who is excited to study the famous Galapagos Islands tortoises, in the footsteps of her hero, Charles Darwin. When a freak accident causes her to have to stay behind as the group sets out on their first day of learning and exploring, she is crushed. The decisions she makes that day will mean life or death for Sonia and two new friends as they create their own adventure!


Level 1/2 Beginner/Advanced beginner

Unique word count 151-200 / 201-300

Total word count 6800 6500

Page count 73 / 77


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