Assessing Proficiency With SPANISH Stories

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This resource has more than thirty 400 word stories using the 300 most frequent words along with comprehension quizzes for each story.  This assessment resource is designed along the language used in Mini-stories for Look, I Can Talk!

Includes 8 ways to assess for proficiency that is easy for teachers to track data and proficiency progress!

While the testing procedures recommended in this book are for every teacher who wants to assess proficiency in the classroom, there is a perfect alignment with TPRS. The primary goal of TPRS is to develop proficiency, the approach to acquisition taken by TPRS is comprehension-based, and the curriculum is story-based. In this book, you will learn practical ways of using stories to assess proficiency that at the same time encourage comprehension-based and acquisition-rich classroom conditions. TPRS teachers who adopt these testing procedures will be able to assess how they teach.



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